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Sharoff Steel Suppliers is supplier, stockist & dealer of boiler quality plates. Pressure Vessel Plates, Carbon Steel, for Moderate and Lower-Temperature Service to ASTM A 516/ A 516M Standard
ASTM A 516 or ASME SA 516 grade is one of the most popular steel grades.
It is primarily intended for use in welded pressure vessels where notch toughness is important.These grades cover a range of tensile strengths from 55 - 90 MPa and this versatility explains much of the specifications popularity.


Ease of use

Ease of use or usability is the degree with which the plates can be utilized by industrialists so as to achieve quantified results with efficiency, satisfaction, and effectiveness in the context of use.

Corrosion resistant

It is known that corrosion is natural and it converts refined metal into chemically stable form like hydroxide, oxide, and sulphide. The boiler quality plates are made in such a way that the corrosion field can be stopped or controlled. The corrosion engineering helps in overcoming corrosions like stress corrosion cracking, crevice corrosion and pitting corrosion.

Offer in extensive array

The boiler quality plates are offered an extensive array this implies that they are manufactured with different specification, dimensions, finish, and forms.

Heat treatment

The boiler quality plates can be normalized as it has fine grain quality. Liquid quenching is done through accelerated cooling.

Impact testing

As per the S5 specification at (-30) degree Charpy V notch test is conducted for all heat number of plates. It can be conducted after simulation of heat treatment for boiler quality plates.


It is defined that there would be no negative tolerance in plate thickness. The tolerance in width and length could be as per the SA20. The tolerance in plate width would be uniform across the length.

Ultrasonic testing

The ultrasonic examination of the plates is conducted as per ASTM-A 435 on the surface of the plate. It is conducted after heat treatment and the results can be reported in certificates. The plates would be free of scales. It can be rolled in the direction of its length and can be supplied in its normalized condition. It could be supplied with tolerance with gas sheared edges as per the specification.